At a time where featuring your business in the right environment may prove to be more crucial than ever, Conceptual Advertising launched Miami Empresarial Magazine.

The publication focus on opportunities, plans and potential, always featuring the articles you’ll want to read while never losing a chance to portray encouraging news about South Florida’s entrepreneurs and their companies, and the area’s economy and lifestyles. This upscale and well-distributed business magazine have a mix of corporate profiles, newsletters, executive lifestyles, health, travel, finance. We also bring 

you photos taken at events from professional organizations and chambers. Your company can also be a part of our marketing efforts by sponsoring all our collateral materials, like postcards, digital communications, rate cards, posters and events.

Miami Empresarial Magazine have been created to be a necessary tool for the re-igniting of South Florida’s prominence in a local, national and international marketplace, reaching top decision makers and the business community in general. Please visit us at


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