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A word from our sponsor Gil Garden Avetrani: Industry-Specific Insurance Is A Must

By Rebeca Trujillo, Editor/Vice President

Companies big and small need business insurance. More than an inane marketing phrase, this statement carries great weight because it reflects a harsh reality: Being in business exposes a commerical entity to a wide variety of risks. Comprehensive insurance coverage helps cover the costs assoc-iated with confronting those risks and the expensive damages and liabilities they may cause.

Depending on the nature and magnitude of the incident, the crisis could deal a financially devastating blow to the company, its management or ownership, employees, and even its clients. “This is something that company executives must take seriously,” says Joseph Garden, founding principal and partner at Gil Garden Avetrani Insurance Group (GGAIG). “Underestimating the risks and
the costs of recovering from a crisis is one of the major difficulties we deal with every day. People believe that having minimal coverage is enough because of the ‘“it-won’t-happen-to-me’ syndrome when in reality being underinsured can be as bad as conducting business without any insurance at all.”

And comprehensive insurance coverage, customized to meet the requirements of a specific industry, business activity and corporate environment, is precisely GGAIG’s forte. “Our agency provides a substantial array of general insurance products, from commercial and business
policies, personal and professional liability, property and vehicle insurance to workers compensation,” explains Joe Avetrani, also a principal and partner at GGAIG. “Yet we go a step further and counsel companies within South Florida’s most important trades, like Construction, Marine and Maritime,
International Trade and Tourism, Hospitality, Shipping and Transportation, Aircraft and Aviation, and others regarding industry-specific insurance products.”

“Our team members understand these trades thoroughly,” continues Mr. Garden. “They are dedicated, consummate professionals who work closely with clients to first appraise their distinctive risks and needs, and then apply this knowledge and experience to develop a policy or policies with the right level of protection.”

For decades, South Florida —with Miami at its core— has positioned itself as one of the nation’s top four international trade centers, with an obvious hemispheric emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean. With world-class facilities like Miami International Airport and PortMiami, a diverse workforce, a well-established and ever-growing entrepreneurial class, a steady business environment, and a multimodal transportation network that is always expanding and improving, the area has continued to flourish despite the COVID-19 restrictions and their effect on the local, state, and national

Joseph Garden adds that GGAIG manages the insurance needs for a myriad international accounts — many in shipping, import-export, and other related commercial endeavors— including clients throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America via corresponding relationships with local brokers.

“This sector has been one of our agency’s strongest markets,” explains Joe Avetrani. “It presents unique challenges and requirements that our speci-alized team members are closely acquainted with and can therefore guide clients into selecting the level of coverage and protection their business activities require.”

“The South Florida construction industry, which has survived several economic downturns,” Joseph Garden affirms, “is another sector that never ceases to amaze for its resilience, its ability to bounce back with a vengeance after being struck down. After an exceedingly difficult 2020, this year residential construction starts, for example, have surged 36 percent in April, for example, in its year-over-year performance due to the increasing demand for housing in the area.”

Once again, GGAIG principals Avetrani and Garden and their team members are vastly experienced in this market, leading the agency to excel in its service to local builders and developers, contractors, and suppliers, each of whom have very distinct insurance needs. 

Technology is a very efficacious ally for today’s businesses… until it is not.

Because as much as modern electronic devices —smartphones, computers and “the cloud”— increase productivity and make work faster, more efficient and thorough, they also open up a Pandora’s box and expose entire comp-anies to cybercrime.

Technology is a very efficacious ally for today’s businesses… until it is not.

Because as much as modern electronic devices —smartphones, computers and “the cloud”— increase productivity and make work faster, more efficient and thorough, they also open up a Pandora’s box and expose entire comp-anies to cybercrime.

Cyber crime, specifically the use of electronic equipment connected to the worldwide web as a means — and a target— in the execution of unlawful acts, has increased exponentially in the past decades as computers and mobile/ portable digital devices have become essential business and personal
communications tools.

If it is so prevalent and inexorable, what can a company do to protect itself from cybercrime? “In addition to applying basic security measures, providing regular, up-to-date cybersecurity training for employees, and developing an emergency response plan,” says Joseph Garden, “a comprehensive cyber
risk insurance policy will make recovery easier, faster and less painful.”
So which entities should get cybercrime insurance coverage? The answer is simple: any company that

• Uses computers, mobile devices, and cloud-based or remote data storage
• Works with and stores personal/commercial/financial, or medical data
• Accepts electronic payments and/or credit/debit cards.

With the recent national ransomware attack to the Colonial Pipeline, which netted $4.4 million in extortion fees for the hackers, as the company’s CEO Joseph Blount acknowledged in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, cybersecurity procedures and cyber risk insurance policies have certainly become the subjects of serious discussion and comprehensive action.

Joe Avetrani explains that a comprehensive cyber risk insurance policy should cover crimes like hacks and network intrusion, data theft, extortionware, and BEC (business email compromise) scams, a type ofphishing in which the attacker impersonates or compromises an executive’s email account to manipulate the target into turning over confidential information or transferring funds to the attacker’s account.

The specialists at GGAIG recommend coverage for these major loss generators:

• Breach Costs
• Cyber Extortion
• Cyber Crime
• Business Interruption
• Data Recovery

With the hackers’ increasing level of sophistication and complexity and the escalating losses inflicted by
cybercrime, both executives advise, it is wise to review and update coverage regularly.

“Our cyber crime coverage is only the latest in an extensive list of services that GGAIG offers,” explains Joe Avetrani. The agency represents all the major insurance underwriters and companies, often through the respected Lloyds of London, the world’s leading insurance marketplace, for its local, domestic, and international customers.

For the past 23 years Gil Garden Avetrani Insurance Group has been a leading provider of specialized coverage and services. The agency’s more than 30 employees surpass the specific levels of proficiency required by State of Florida and continue updating their competence with further training and specialized courses.

“It is important to emphasize,” Joseph Garden comments, “that we, GGAIG principals, also hone our qualifications because we supervise every case. Clients can rest assured that their policies are the product of expert, capable collaboration.” “We take every necessary step required to assist our clients with their insurance needs,” clarifies Joseph Garden. “This process is crucial as the worldwide insurance market evolves and our clients engage in new markets, technologies, commercial endeavors, and territories.”

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From the Miami Empresarial Magazine archives (2010) - Miami Empresarial Magazine have been covering the news and events for the South Florida and Latin America Business Community for over 10 years. Here is our coverage of the enlightening conference of the America Association of Port Authorities at The Biltmore Hotel in 2010

Proud to be a Media Partner of the Latin Builders Association's, Spain-USA Chamber of Commerce, Latin American Energy Forum and MagicWaste Youth Foundation

Rebeca and Arquimedes Trujillo

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Commissioner Jose "Pepe" Diaz and Rebeca Trujillo

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Established in 1971, Latin Builders Association is by far the largest Hispanic construction association in the United States. It is a nonprofit organization that includes a vast array of individuals and companies related to the South Florida construction industry.

The LBA has over 750 member companies representing every aspect of South Florida’s vibrant construction industry. With much success, the LBA has expanded opportunities to other industries, not just in the field of construction. The organization embodies the interests of builders, developers, contractors, architects, engineers, lawyers, real estate agents, and many more professionals throughout the community.

Each member is welcomed into the organization and is encouraged to become active participants in LBA programs, such as: Seminars, Committees, Events, and proactive community service agenda.

Our community agenda includes: A scholarship fund, an annual Christmas toy drive and many community events that assist our fellow South Floridians.
The LBA’s goal is to strive and provide a vital forum for discussion, networking, training development, and represent at a local and state level. 


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