“Muchas gracias querido Arquímedes !” – Monica Vazquez, Director, ABANCA USA

“Muchas gracias por tan magnífico reportaje y tu apoyo a nuestra Cámara!” – Javier Estades-Saez Johansson, President and Chief Executive Officer at TABACALERA USA 

“Thank you always Arquímedes for the great communications work you do and the great support to the Spain Brand.”- Jose Antonio de Cote Mesa, Vice President iQBiotech

“Gracias por acercarnos al gran trabajo de las empresas y empresarios españoles!” Lucia Riaño, TV Host “Conexion Hola TV” at ¡HOLA! TV

“Una suerte poder compartir mesa contigo!!! Espectacular reportaje” – Ovidio Lopez, General Manager. RAMINATRANS USA

“Thank you Arquimedes, for sharing great content throughout the business community” — Juan Carlos Pereira, CEO / Executive Dir. at Spain-US Chamber


Spain-US Chamber Of Commerce 40th Annual Anniversary Gala

Miami Empresarial Magazine is a Proud Media Partner of the
Spain-Us Chamber of Commerce

Join us at the Spain-Us Chamber of Commerce 40th Anniversary Gala on November 5th - Meet and Greet the Ambassador of Spain in the USA. Honorable Santiago Cabana; Executive of the Year Jose Moro and Company of the Year Cosentino.

Click on the link bellow to reserve your table or tickets:

Miami Empresarial Magazine was invited by the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce in 2019 to network with distinguished guests, enjoy the sumptuous Gala celebrating its 39th Anniversary in Miami, Florida and cover its Annual Ponce de Leon Awards.


Held at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Miami, with more than 340 guests, the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce celebrated the presentation of its prestigious Ponce de León awards. On this occasion and coinciding with its 39th anniversary, the main protagonists of the evening were the financial entity ABANCA and César Cernuda, corporate vice president at Microsoft Corporation and president of Microsoft Latin America, who received from the president of the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce the Ponce de León award for “Company of the Year” and  “Executive of the Year”, respectively.

Javier Estades Saez, president of the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce and president of Tabacalera USA, recalled that 500 years ago Magallanes-Elcano accomplished the first circumnavigation of the world, showing the curiosity and adventurous spirit that defines Spaniards who throughout these centuries have imprinted a lasting mark on America. The president stated that “History is still alive and we have this example in the winners we are honoring today.” Finally, he stressed that “being part of the network of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, which has 180 offices in more than 31 countries, makes us an excellent global business development platform and professional network.

Photos ©Spain-US Chamber Commerce/ Photograper: Alvaro Mata.

The Ponce de León prize for
the “Executive of the Year” 

Cesar Cernuda, corporate vice president at Microsoft Corporation and president of Microsoft Latin America, received from the president of the chamber Javier Estades the Ponce de Leon award for the “2019 Executive of the Year” for his professional career and his contribution to accelerate the technological advancement in Latin America.

Cernuda was also recently appointed as a global co-sponsor of the Microsoft Women’s Committee -Women @Microsoft-, a role that he considers an honor and an opportunity to continue working to promote the diversity and inclusion of women within the company and in the technological sector: “It’s a great honor for me to receive the Ponce de León award. I want to congratulate the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce for the work they do, which is very much aligned with Microsoft’s mission of empowering every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, something I feel very passionate about and believe is a crucial building block of our future as a society.”

The Ponce de León prize for
the “Company of the Year” 

Monica Vazquez, director of ABANCA in the United States, received the award on behalf of Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez, president of the financial company, and its CEO, Francisco Botas. Many representatives of the Banesco group also attended the gala. ABANCA is the main bank in the northwest of Spain and it is in the top 10 nationwide; in addition, it has the privilege of having obtained the first international banking license granted by the State of Florida in the last decade.

In her speech, Vázquez explained that, despite the recent arrival of this bank to the United States, ABANCA has “more than 300 years of banking knowledge and tradition based on trust, strength and commitment to our clients”.

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Miami Empresarial Magazine’s Photos ©Conceptual Advertising Miami

Jorge Rossell, Head of SANTANDER Private Banking

Don Candido Creis, Consul General Of Spain

Javier Estades and Monica Vazquez

Jordi Boada and Marie Hajna Boada, Executive Director, Extenda

Jorge Rossell and Fernando Alonso, Partner, Hunton AK

Pedro Galvan and Carmen Jimenez Navarro

Monica Vazquez, Director of ABANCA, USA

Cesar Cernuda, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft and President of Microsoft Latin America

Alvaro Beltran, Ovidio Lopez, Sergio Miro, Carmen Jimenez Navarro, Luis Almonte, Arquimedes Trujillo

Pedro Galvan and Lucia Riaño
Masters of Ceremony of the Celebration

The prestigious Biltmore Country Club Ballroom was at full capacity

Alvaro Beltran, Luis Almonte, Carmen Jimenez Navarro, Ovidio Lopez, Sergio Miro,

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