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“En nombre de nuestro consejero de Turismo de España Felix de Paz, os damos las gracias por vuestra cobertura del evento gastronómico que ofrecimos en conjunto con Extenda ” – Soraya Zaudi Press & public relations manager
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IFEMA MADRID presents FITUR 2024 leadership and opportunities in Miami

IFEMA MADRID takes another step in its international strategy by promoting
FITUR in a market that is highly relevant to the tourism industry and the
dynamism of an industry that will have its greatest exponent in the 44th edition
FITUR 2024 will occupy over 140,000 square meters across 9 halls, and will bring
together more than 9,000 companies and 150,000 professional attendees from
the global tourism industry in 145 countries.
Organised by IFEMA MADRID, FITUR 2024 will take place from January
24th to 28 th at the fairground

Miami Empresarial Magazine was invited by our partners from Spain-US Chamber Of Commerce in Miami to cover this phenomenal international event

Madrid, May 8th, 2023.- On the morning of May 5th, IFEMA MADRID presented the
keys and business opportunities of the next edition of FITUR in Miami, at an event
organised in collaboration with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Miami, which
brought together the tourism business industry and various press representatives, and
which featured the participation of the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of the
Madrid Regional Government, Daniel Martinez; Chairman of the Executive Committee
of IFEMA MADRID, José Vicente de los Mozos; Chairman of the Madrid Chamber of
Commerce and Industry, Angel Asensio; the Director of FITUR, María Valcarce, and
the CEO of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Miami, Juan Carlos Pereira.
This action represents another step forward in IFEMA MADRID’s international strategy
by promoting FITUR in a market of great importance for the tourism business and the
dynamism of an industry that will have its greatest exponent in the 44th edition of
According to Jose Vicente de los Mozos, IFEMA MADRID plays an important role as
one of the major actors and promoters of international MICE tourism, as well as the
special importance of FITUR, which has become IFEMA MADRID’s main ambassador
in the world and a great reference for the “Marca España”. He added that “we are very
proud of FITUR’S global leadership, the only tourism fair that did not interrupt its
celebration during the pandemic, surpassing in participation any other major fair in the
international circuit. 

In this regard, as the director of FITUR advanced, the forecasts for the next edition, to
be held from 24th to 28th January 2024, continue to indicate growth and everything
points to the fair occupying more than 140,000 total square meters across 9 halls, and
bringing together more than 9,000 companies and more than 150,000 professional
attendees from the world tourism industry in 145 countries. It is also estimated that around 100,000 people will visit FITUR over the weekend.

These figures already
placed FITUR at the head of major international tourism fairs at the last edition.
For his part, the Vice-Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Madrid Regional
Government, pointed out “the fundamental importance of FITUR for the Madrid
Regional Government as a showcase for Madrid’s tourism around the world”. He also
highlighted that “the North American market is the great reference for the sector being
a leader in arrivals and spending capacity. In fact, we are making a great effort
together with the Madrid City Council through Madrid Turismo by IFEMA to position the
region as a reference for quality tourism in America, Asia and the Middle East”.
On his part, Angel Asensio addressed the mission of the Madrid Chamber of
Commerce and Industry aimed at contributing to the economic growth of the Madrid
Regional Government. In the current environment, Asensio highlighted the tourism
companies that “promote and expand their businesses internationally taking on new
challenges such as digitalisation and sustainability. If there is one industry that is an
ambassador for the Spain Brand in the World, it is undoubtedly Tourism”

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Established in 1980, the Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit organization that promotes businesses and international relations and is officially recognized by the Spanish Government. It is an active association of Spanish and non-Spanish companies representing a broad range of goods and services. The Chamber helps its members to achieve their objectives, facilitating the entry and development of their business in the American market and offering international trade, consulting and marketing services. It currently has more than 500 members, serving as a link between Spain, the United States and Latin America through its various activities.

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Spain/Miami Link

Miami Empresarial Magazine was invited by our partners from Extenda and Turismo de España to a wonderful tree-stop culinary event – Starting out the evening’s Tour De Tapas with Turismo De España at Porcelanosa on Biscayne Boulevard.

Delighting our palate with Jamon Iberico, Manzanilla La Gitana and Las Tapas De Rosa.

Stop number 2 of the night extenda andalucia is Roca, also on Biscayne Boulevard. Surrounded by Roca’s exquisite stone and ceramic products and accessories for bathrooms, we’re enjoying a very special cava, Agustí Torrelló Mata, Spain’s bubbly.

 Excellent presentation by master sommelier David de Castro, photographed with editor Rebeca Trujillo, who has taught us how to eat cheese (believe me, there’s a method!), sniff and twirl wine to taste it in its fullest splendor. 

3rd stop was at cosentino miami, where we were welcomed with a glass of chilled TradicionX white wine and kind words by its manager Carolina Almeida and Soraya Zaoudi from Turismo De España.

Our multi talented cocinero (he doesn’t call himself chef), Florián Tomás, has concocted a very special entrée-on-tile with finger-licking great lamb chops and shrimp scampi! Oh, what a spectacular night! 

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